Consultation Services:
  • Complete Feng Shui Analysis
    Complete Feng Shui Analysis

    Please request an estimate, most homes range between $275- $590 depending on the house size and distance traveled. A complete final analysis is provided in a 10-15 page report, including a proportional floor plan of the home, with room remedies for the current year and your best personal magnetic directions.

  • Feng Shui Annual Update...order early!
    Feng Shui Annual Update...order early!

    Maximize the energy of your home each year. The yearly updates are done with your master house chart indicating the remedies needed for the new year beginning Feb. 4th. Also included are your Lu Cun (money) & opposition days for the year. Order now!

  • Special Offers, Classes & Readings
    Special Offers, Classes & Readings

    Fill in this box with amount quoted if you have been offered a special promotional discount, a special class, workshop or reading.

  • Astrology-Chinese & Western Natal Analysis
    Astrology-Chinese & Western Natal Analysis

    This is a double report 20-25 pgs of information-using a combination of Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu & Western astrology. These are birth charts showing your life potential revealing talents, challenges, and areas of greatest soul growth. The report details your life patterns -- both conscious and unconscious--and where you may be undermining your best efforts to achieve personal happiness.

  • Annual Solar Return: Jupiter & Saturn transits
    Annual Solar Return: Jupiter & Saturn transits

    Your annual solar return is when the Sun returns to the exact degree in your natal chart, revealing a snapshot of your year ahead. This report reviews your challenges/benefits in regards to personal approach, career opportunities, talents, and relationships.

  • Twin Flame Counseling
    Twin Flame Counseling

    Twin Flames is an exploding phenomenon causing a great deal of confusion in relationships. If you are looking for your Twin Flame, or think you have found them, you may need special guidance from an experienced Twin Flame. Many modern psychologists do not understand or recognize this experience as genuine.