Astro-Analysis East & West...
How can you benefit from knowing your cosmic DNA?

Astrology is the Rosetta stone of the human psyche. The famous Myer-Briggs personality tests, commonly used in business, were based on Carl Jung’s investigation of this ancient practice. Jung was fascinated with astrology -- and started the process to help us rediscover its value publicly. Computers will provide the statistical proof demanded by the scientific community, and astrology will enjoy a rebirth of importance in our new Age of Aquarius.

If you use a calendar, you are using astrology. It is the movement of the planets that determine our sense of time and the seasons. Time is the fourth dimension. Man’s moods and psyche are influenced seasonally and one’s soul has an energetic imprint from your time of birth. Your personal astrology chart reveals about 60-70% of what is going on in your life. Astro-Analysis reveals your overall life-path patterns and potentials. It shows your life purpose and growth challenges. Your chart is similar to the software you are running in your life and YOU decide how you wish to manage those parameters. Sometimes we can get stuck, and the language of astrology can open our eyes to a situation and bring greater understanding and healing. Once you understand the undercurrents, you can choose a wiser path by making more self-aware choices. Astrology increases our control through greater awareness and assists our personal growth and self-mastery.

I use a combination of Chinese and Western astrology for my reports as I feel this combination gives great in-depth insight. Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu is a well respected and detailed astrology -- based on the polar star. It works well with Feng Shui, in addition to BaZi astrology. The Chinese see time as cyclic and have 60 and 20 year cycles like the Mayan calendar. The Jupiter/Saturn cycles are also in 10, 20 and 60 year cycles and their transits are particularly helpful, and are available in a yearly Solar return.
These cycles will show the current challenges in your life.

Your life patterns show the road your life will most likely take, and are flexible. A greater awareness of these patterns help you to neutralize any undermining behaviors that may be hidden. If you are willing to look at yourself openly, you can choose to shape your life differently -- and in this way create greater happiness and success. Knowing your chart will also assist in timing important events in your life.

Like Western astrology, Zi Wei has twelve houses or “palaces” which describe the different areas of your life. If you are curious about what life cycle you are currently experiencing, for a
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My natal lifetime astrology readings are not a program, but a hand-compiled custom analysis. My charts use San He and Si Hua which include 144 stars, plus the transforming stars. The reports are about 25 pgs. long, and brimming with personal information that will enlighten you. The reports can address any personal problem that may be troubling.
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If you don’t know your birth time, you can go to the Bureau of Vital Statistics or Hall of Records in your state (not the hospital). Request the original or vault copy of your birth certificate, and it should cost $10 or more. If this is not possible for some reason, I can rectify the chart, but this takes more time/expense to do.

If you are interested in a BaZi analysis, I also work with a talented Swiss astrologer, Henriette me for more information.

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