“Your new book is superb!! Great stuff in there!” -- J. J., New York, New York

“Please keep me advised of your research, the advice & BOOK! have been invaluable. -- M.M. Cleveland, Ohio

“Your Synastry report gave me strength and confidence that no matter what life brings me, it’s all good. I feel very strong today and (my) fear is gone. You are an angel. Thank-you so much for letting me reach out and walking me through this, huge blessings to you -- you are a gift.-- B.I. Hemet, CA

Twin Counseling
I counsel Twin Flames as a spiritual intuitive from my own personal experience. Phone consultations are available by appointment whenever needed and are $2/minute up to $120/hr. Everyone has a Twin Flame. If you are looking for yours, or think you have met them, it is essential to get wise guidance.

The chapters of my book include the following information:

* The Twin Flame Mythology and the Quest for Wholeness
* The Age of Aquarius and the Changing Nature of Relationships
* The Anima and the Animus
* What is a Soul Mate and Karmic Marriages
* Astrologers and Psychic Advisors
* The Mirror Effect and Methods to Speed the Connection
* The Parallel lives of Twin Flames and Synchronicity
* Famous Twin Flames and How to Recognize Your Twin
* Working with Your Shadow Nature Successfully
* Testing, Crisis, and Dealing with the Ego
* The Yin-Yang Dance and the Purpose of Suffering
* Healing from Separation and Sweet Surrender
* Self-Mastery and the Emergence of the Divine Nature
* Types of Love and Two Important Relationship Secrets
* The Importance of the Feminine and Evolution
* Supporting your Twin Flame
* The Alchemical Union and Fulfillment
* Recreating Eden and Ultimate Harmony

Edgar Cayce on “Twin Souls”
Evidence of Twin Flames dates back as far as ancient Greece and Sumeria. This is a quote from American mystic, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). It is an excerpt from one of his many readings archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) at Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

“This brings us to one of the strangest concepts concerning soul relationship, that of Twin Souls. As we have already seen, a soul possesses both the male and female forces within itself prior to entering the duality of the Earth experience. As the soul enters the world it usually selects one of its two sexual natures and projects unique characteristics of this sex while incarnate. As difficult as it is to understand, the un-manifested sexual part of our soul -- which is more complex than we have imagined -- is capable of separating its dual sexual nature into two separate and distinct entities, one male and one female and each of these two entities can incarnate into the Earth at the same time in separate bodies that usually complement the present sex. That is to say that somewhere out there in the physical world is literally our other half -- the other sexual aspect of our own soul!”