I myself, am a Twin Flame, and speak from my own twelve year experience. There is a great deal of confusion on the web about this subject. It is a new phenomenon that is not yet accepted by traditional psychology. It is a valid experience that can be documented since there is a profound synchronicity between true Twin Flames. It is similar to meeting your identical twin except you are also polar opposites in many ways also. If you observe your early life to notice if there are significant parallels between the two of you -- chances are you have met your Twin Flame. These are not easy relationships to manage since your Twin Flame is a mirror of your own spiritual growth. For these relationships to succeed, there is a great need to do your own shadow work.

We are always looking for our perfect soul mate -- our anima or animus. The message of the Twin Flames is universal and valid for all relationships. The essence of their message is that the key to happiness lies within your own soul, and not in another human being. You cannot change another person, but once you shift your own awareness, everything else around you starts to vibrate with your newfound understanding. A Twin Flame relationship is different then a soul-mate relationship, and has its own unique challenges -- but you can have a successful relationship. I offer private phone consultations, please email me for more information. Learn more about this special relationship -- links are below.ß

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