When I assess your home, I provide a full analysis report shown above, plus a 12-page pamphlet on how Feng Shui works. I include a comprehensive computer floorplan (for accuracy) with easy instructions, making follow through simple to do. My analysis is based on a magnetic compass assessment of your home, and includes the schools listed below. Remedies are normally low cost and you can look forward to the benefits listed below when your house is balanced. Some homes are naturally supportive, and others have a draining energy, but all homes can be improved. Complete property assessments can also be done long distance with digital photos provided and an accurate floorplan. I am always available by email or phone for any questions. Please contact me for a free estimate. Click here.

What are the Benefits of Feng Shui?
* More opportunities in career
* Improved finances and controlled expenses
* More supportive relationships
* More romance
* Less fighting and arguing
* Improved health and less stress
* Overall better energy level and feelings of harmony
* Easier pregnancies
* Lawsuit and legal support
* A more beautiful environment

Which School is Best?

Eastern Feng Shui also known as classic or compass Feng Shui, is the ancient school and is based on the earth’s magnetic fields. Developed primarily by Taoists, it teaches how to live in harmony with the chi of the surrounding environment and also uses the element of time and space. This school works with the energy fields generated by cosmic cycles and balances the yin/yang aspect of a home. It also takes into consideration one’s personal astrology. Compass school also uses landform since chi follows physical forms. This is why Feng Shui is known as the “art of placement.”

Western Feng Shui also known as Black Hat Sect, is the newest school of Feng Shui, and popular with interior designers. This school is based on the power of intention and uses talismans to focus the intention on desired goals. Some landform is used in addition to the popular school of 8 Aspirations. The front door is always aligned with the Career section of the Bagua. This school works primarily on influencing the micro-cosm through positive thinking and blessings.

Landform is the oldest school of Feng Shui and is a science of observation of nature. This school looks at land arrangement, positive/negative ions, underground faults, and waterways. It studies how chi is blown by the wind, and how it rests at the water’s edge. Feng Shui roughly translates as “Wind-water” for this reason. Chi also circulates around mountains (dragon veins) and through valleys in predictable ways. Landform is the oldest school of Feng Shui and predates Taoism.

Eight Mansions also known as East-West school compares the compatibility of a person with a particular building and designates the best magnetic directions and house “sitting” for any individual.

Xuan Kong also known as “Flying Stars” is a powerful, and advanced Feng Shui technique that can see -- in detail -- the energy potential of a home, the geo-prosperous areas, and the more difficult locations that need to be neutralized and balanced.

8 Aspirations is a newer popular school that simplifies the potentials of each direction to the better known “wealth, marriage, career, family, children, mentors, knowledge, and fame” corners of a home. In Black Hat Sect the front door is always the career section. In traditional/classic Feng Shui, the career section always aligns with the North direction of a home. Lillian Too uses this method.

Five Elements are the natural items used to balance a home, and are similar to the acupuncturist who uses needles to adjust the chi in a person’s body. The five elements include water, wood (plants), fire, earth and metal objects.

I-Ching is a book of wisdom that chronicles the cycles of nature. It combines the eight trigrams with each other in sets of hexagrams (six lines) that each describe a natural event and how it pertains to human behavior. The I-Ching is used as a form of synchronicity to reveal the hidden aspects of a situation and help guide a person to wise action. I offer long distance I-Ching readings with clear interpretations. Click here:

Dowsers use their intuitive senses to find underground water, fault lines, yin and yang zones and geo-prosperous areas similar to Xuan Kong, and adjust the environmental energy fields to be supportive to the house. Dowsers can have different methods and protocols. Yin and yang areas can also be observed by the behavior of animals, insects and plants in the area. For more information on dowsing, you can contact Susan Collins at her website:

Qi Men Dun Jia is a Chinese method of deciphering the energy of time and space -- and is a specialty of Swiss associate Henriette Driessens, please email me for more information.