Archetypes are universal symbols that stem from the human collective unconscious. Synchronicity is the principle that events are not random, but happen for a reason. The I-Ching and Tarot operate through this principle using your intuitive higher mind to select archetypal symbols that give one wise guidance. Many symbols in the East are based on nature, while Western symbols reflect the love principle and free-will. I provide both I-Ching readings and a custom Tarot deck combining Eastern and Western themes. There are no negative cards, but instead the reading reveals the polarity of a situation -- providing a greater awareness of the problem -- you have the ability to choose how you wish to proceed. An action can be recommended when desired. If you would like to order a reading (20 minute phone consultation --any question), please purchase for $45 on the services page in the “Special Discounts, Classes & Readings” box. Then send me the question in an email with a request for a phone appt. time. Click here.