Artist’s Bio & Lineage...

I am honored to come from a creative musical lineage that bridges diverse cultures together. My father, Carl Cons, free-lance piano player and writer, helped co-found/edit DownBeat magazine (1935-42) during the late jazz era, giving many black musicians an opportunity to showcase their talents in his night club. Jazz is hailed as “one of America’s original art forms,” and is the wonderful fusion of African American rhythm with European musical instruments. By 1955 (my birth year) he was working for Walt Disney as a script writer. Disney brought European fairy tales to life with innovative animated color and sound, creating an American version of those timeless stories -- with a happy ending.

In 1963 my mother married musician Bob Bogle, co-founder of the Ventures of “Walk Don’t Run” fame -- who created a driving electric guitar sound eventually making his band the most successful instrumental group in rock history. The Ventures were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Their unique music was the inspiration for innumerable other rock bands as they pioneered special guitar sounds and styles (including surf) as well as originating the concept “theme” album. Their music has been featured in television and film such as
Hawaii Five-O and Pulp Fiction. The Ventures had no language barriers to overcome and are still the most popular group in Japan. They have been unofficial diplomats between Japan and the US after WWII, bringing good-will between these two countries. To view a short Japan Tour video:

I have a BA in fine arts, cum laude, from California State University, Northridge, and was privileged to study with Emmy Award winning artist and instructor Saul Bernstein. It was when I met Saul that I decided being an artist would be a fulfilling and exciting career. I continue my family’s tradition of bridging cultures with my continued studies of Eastern Feng Shui, Reiki and sacred geometry. Feng Shui taught me that color is healing light energy, and we are entering an age of energy healing. I understand how chi moves in the natural environment and how to use this energy constructively with Western concepts of free will, love and creativity -- to improve one’s life experience. Nature is an incredibly healing force with a powerful innate wisdom. I studied with Master Larry Sang at the American Feng Shui Institute, in Monterey CA (10 yrs.+). Master Sang has a Ph.D for his work in transcribing the I-Ching, was US good-will ambassador to Guam in 2007, and is now advisor for the China Architectural Culture Center in Beijing. I am an accomplished artist/designer with certifications in advanced Xuan Kong Feng Shui, 8 Mansions and Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology, and also specialize in Twin-Flame (Western) astrology. I look forward to helping others make a happier, more prosperous and beautiful life!

As a commercial designer over the years, I have created custom artwork for Warner Brothers, 20th Century, MGM, Epcot, California Adventuring, CBS, City of Hope, Hyatt Regency, Paris Hotel & Casino, Trump Plaza, and HGTV Designer’s Challenge. I was especially lucky to work with the Disney art department on many projects during their renaissance era (1989-95) starting with “The Little Mermaid.” Honors I have received include yearly recognition in Marquis Who’s Who since 2002, and a Parent’s Choice Award.

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