Here’s what people are saying about Lynda ...

Lynda Lee is masterful at helping people with Art, Design and Feng Shui. She has a depth of knowledge in multiple fields, which she draws on, to accomplish whatever it is you want to work on. I had her update the Feng Shui for my business and it had significant positive effects that I am still feeling months later. -- S.V., West Hills CA

My time with Lynda is like opening life, one gift at a time, thank-you! -- J.L. West Hills CA

Her (Lynda’s astrology) report was custom written for me and four months later I reread the report and was absolutely amazed how spot on it is. Everything is spoke of has already manifested. Thank-you Lynda for your astrological guidance! -- M.M., Pasadena, CA

What a great birthday present your visit (to my home) and the blessing you gave our house last summer! My home is still vibrating with the good energy from your visit. The changes you recommended have made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. Thanks for all the changes you have brought about! -- Lots of love, C. S. San Clemente CA

We Feng Shui-ed both the front and back (rental) units and things are fine (now). After the money lock was released, we have both the front and back tenants paying us rent every month, so we can cover our mortgage.
Thanks for your help. -- A.C. Superior, CO

It was a wonderful experience for Lynda to “Feng Shui” our home and we’ve benefitted greatly by making the simple changes she suggested. We had rescued two Chihuahuas and hadn’t slept through the night since. With her Qi-harmonizer, I kid you not, my husband and I are sleeping in til the alarm goes off--and the 2 dogs continue sleeping until we kick them out of bed! It’s a miracle! I’ve come to think of it all as “Fun Shui” with Lynda. We’ve lived in this house for 30+ yrs. and thanks to Lynda’s help, we look forward to the next 30+! -- J.S., Topanga CA

Wow! What a shift and at a lightening speed too.  I came to Lynda seeking a Feng Shui remedy for money flow blockage.  I implemented the remedy she suggested and within a week received a substantial sum of money I did not expect for another five months! -- M.M., Pasadena CA

The Mountain Remedy is now fully "deployed" as is the fountain...and as recently as 2 weeks ago I got ANOTHER check from out of the blue, this time for $400.00. -- M.B., North Hills CA

I had Lynda Feng Shui my home a little over a year ago. Terrific results. You won’t know until you try it. Financially it was a grim time due to the economy. Lynda made several recommendations and within a few months my entire life turned around. You will not be disappointed!”-- C.B., Palm Beach, Florida

Congratulations on your ebook “Heal Your Home”, I found it very helpful. Especially the repetition of certain principles helping me to retain the information. Thanks, and I am really looking forward to my (Solar Return) and concentrating on accomplishing challenges in different phases of my life each month. -- A.W., Hollywood

I had Lynda Feng Shui my home last year because I had heard so many good things from other clients of hers. At the time there were many things just going the wrong way for my family and myself. That included everything from finances to health or even sleep issues for all of us in the home. Since I have made all the changes according to the Feng shui science, there has been an incredible change in our home for all of us and I look so forward to updating my home again this year! Thank you so much Lynda!! -- D.C., Granada Hills, CA

Well, I did read it (Solar Return) a few times and am completely amazed! The report is REALLY spot on! Very cool. -- J.M., Providence, RI

After much research, I contacted Lynda and asked her to come and “Feng Shui” our home. Not only was she professional and kind, she is incredibly knowledgeable. Within a few days after her visit, she gave us a complete report which was easy to read and understand. Quickly, we took her suggestions and began placing specific elements in place. Within a few months, our money situation significantly increased. She made us believers! Thank-you, Lynda for helping our family.-- M.P., Burbank CA

Dear Lynda, thanks so much for helping my mom.  You helped us see things in a very soft, kind way and it opened our eyes. It's what helped us get our lives back. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.-- S.M., Encino, CA

Everything is going very well. We are still managing with the temporary remedies, but they are holding like a fortress. All I know is that I have more peace of mind now and that is a huge thing in life. Before I was a mess and now I am getting stronger every day and am able to consider working again, I could not have gotten that any other way. I can’t thank-you enough, for in a world going through horrible things, I know we are safe. -- S. M., Edgewater, MD

My private clientele has doubled in about 2 weeks since placing the water feature you recommended, thank-you! -- M.A., Woodland Hills CA

I want you to know how much the Feng shui has helped me personally and at work. Before you charted my home, I was having a great deal of difficulty financially and personally. Since making the changes you recommended, order has returned, and finances have improved. How can I ever thank you for your splendid help? Thank you from my heart. -- M.C., Sherman Oaks, CA

Finally I have found the most competent Feng shui advisor, and have tried many different Feng shui advisers, but have found your (Lynda’s) techniques to be totally different and easy to comprehend. My relationships with my better half, my children and business associates have improved tremendously. Our business has been flourishing a lot and my employees are more focused and diligent in their tasks and responsibilities. Health issues have been addressed and now we are in the process of buying our own house! Thanks to you Lynda. My family and I appreciate you. You are God sent. -- R.R., Tarzana, CA

I was searching for a job for almost a year and Lynda generously offered to help me. After we completed the Feng Shui adjustments with a water feature behind the house, adding significant metal features at the doorways and moving colors throughout my home, about 2 weeks later I was offered a great job--at long last! While I worked to attract the right employment, Lynda helped me to remove blockages in the environment. I believe it was the combination of forces that resulted in this good fortune. I recognize the value of Feng Shui in this process and respect the creative approaches Lynda had in helping me to change negative energy into a positive flow. I highly recommend participating in this innovative and fun ritual to improve your life. -- L.L., Woodland Hills CA

We had just moved our business to a new location, and business was so slow, we were not sure how we would pay the rent. However, within a week after you charted our building, business began to pick up considerably, allowing us to enter two trade shows which also increased our revenues. Feng shui works! -- L.R., Glendale, CA

Lynda came to my home and Feng shui’d it, and I could feel a difference in the flow of energy of my home. Minor health issues with the children went away, also, so much good started happening for one of the family members in the home. I can’t wait to have this year updated! Thanks Lynda -- M. L., Panorama City, CA

I have had the opportunity to work with Lynda in a business profession where the most dramatic evidence of the power of Feng Shui was illustrated at work. The company was experiencing accidents in the work force greater than what had occurred in the past. Lynda took it upon herself to initiate remedies. After a year this company was awarded a large refund from the insurance carrier due to the length of time because no injuries had been reported--not reported because there were none! I have the utmost confidence in Lynda and her talents and I know she will provide anyone with the best remedies to your situation. Trust in her is not an option, it is a given. -- P.G., Brentwood, CA