The Chinese 5-Element System

The art of Feng Shui is based on generations of observations of the natural cycles in the environment and how they influence human behavior. Compass Feng Shui is based on the observation of magnetic fields and how they affect landforms and buildings that are anchored into the earth. Time and space are considered as well -- since solar and lunar energies influence these energy fields. Modern scientific studies recognize and confirm these ancient practices more and more.

The 5-elements used for remedies affect chi in specific ways and represent different energy “types”. When we talk about the “wood” element for example, it is symbolic for growing energy that live plants embody. Color can also be used that duplicate these elemental energies, but color has a subtler effect. Remember that color is measurable light energy. If you desire to balance your home with Feng Shui principles, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the 5-element system. Very often working with clients, a remedy will be recommended for a particular area, but the resident will often have the dominating color or material in the same area too -- canceling out the good effects of the remedy that was just placed. The client then does not receive the promised improvements and are left wondering why. You can do much to help make your remedy placements more effective by learning how the 5-Element system works.

Please review the elements below for a more comprehensive understanding -- also noting the weakening or dominating cycle listed that can cancel an element’s beneficial effect:

The Metal Element
The Water Element
The Wood Element
The Fire Element
The Earth Element

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