Earth seems like such a common and humble element to the casual observer, yet when you look closer, earth is essential to everything we do. Earth has a grounding and secure feeling for us and can ground excess electrical energy that could be harmful. Earth remedies consist of anything that is made of mineral and can include sand, stone, dirt, cement, brick, ceramic, clay, rocks and stucco. Brick or terra cotta is used in special circumstances as “Red earth”. We often add additional earth between a home and an electrical transformer to help protect a home. Raw crystals can also be used as an internal remedy, but stay away from crystals with sharp or jagged points indoors. Sharp points can trigger the brain’s amygdala creating subconscious stress. Crystals that are kept indoors need to be regularly cleansed as they can pick up negative as well as positive energy.

Earth remedies are often recommended for a larger environmental solution, especially for what we call a “Mountain” remedy which can correct a house type. For outdoor remedies, large boulders, a beautiful statue or even a tall water fountain can be used. Make sure the statue is made from a real earth element and not a plastic imitation. Ceramic pots filled with potting soil make an easy and inexpensive earth remedy, and can be stacked on top of each other to make it stronger. Make sure it is level and secure so they don’t topple. (See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) When placing an earth remedy indoors, use about 15-20 lbs. per 100 sq. feet. (on average) and increase it until a relief in symptoms is felt. Any heavy ceramic object can also be used effectively. For a “Mountain remedy” to work effectively, it should not be attached to the house. It is meant to be an anchor that is free-standing. A stucco or brick wall can work as a mountain remedy if it is attached to the house with either a wood or metal gate.

(See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) 5-Element Samples:

*Note: In BaZi, the earth element can help personal chi through certain shapes and activities that incorporate earth type energy. These include squares, low rectangles and flat top shapes, late summer months, hiking in earthy or rocky areas, mud baths, masonry, walking barefoot on soil/sand for example.

*Note: Remove wood remedies and minimize any metal elements or colors when placing an earth remedy
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