During this time period (2004-2024 cycle 8) metal is the most common solution used in compass Feng Shui. Metals actually make up over 80% of all the elements in existence--we are virtually surrounded it. Metal is dense, structurally strong and usually shiny. Metals are good electrical conductors and are the only substance sensitive to magnetic fields. A magnetized piece of steel will lift about 12 times its own weight and if you de-magnetize the same piece of steel, it will not even lift a feather.

Anything made of metal can be used as a remedy: free weights, coins, a metal statue or a bronze plate, swords, hubcaps, silver ware, pots and pans etc. Precious metals like gold or silver can also be used just as iron, steel or tin. The heavier the metal the more effective it is. The wider the air to surface ratio too, the more effective it will be. Raw metal works best. Once it is painted or covered in some manner, it is less effective. Little bits of rust are OK as it shows the metal is interacting with the air and this is good. A light protective sealant coat is fine, but metal works best when it is uncovered. Painted metal works but you will need more of it. My remedy recommendations assume the metal is uncovered. Flat metal weights can easily be placed under a bed or table. When you purchase them covered, make sure there is metal underneath and not cement. Many of the new weights are concrete and not real metal.

When creating remedies, it is also important to remember that Feng Shui is about creating a harmonious and beautiful environment. When using the metal element, ensure that it is round and pleasing, not sharp or pointed. "Heavy” metal just means a lot of metal for a difficult area that we use for a 5-2 combination. “Moving” metal is more yang and can be used where heavy metal is required. A clock with metal gears that are in contact with the air can reduce the amount of metal weights needed, because the movement strengthens the metal remedy making it more effective. Chimes also can be used in certain circumstances because its movement and sound also make it a stronger metal remedy. When placing metal, use about 15-20 lbs. per 100 sq. feet. (on average) and increase it until a relief in symptoms is experienced. My reports will indicate the recommended amount.

(See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) 5-Element Samples:

*Note: In BaZi, the metal element can help personal chi through certain shapes and activities that incorporate the metal type energy. These include round, oval, circular and half-round objects, a walk at dusk, cooler autumn weather/months, or working with automobiles, machinery or jewelry for example.

*Note: Remove fire and minimize water elements & colors when placing a metal remedy.
Colors on the chart below will vary per computer.


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