Water is the source of life on our planet, without it we would not exist. Our bodies are about 80% water. In Feng Shui, water is a very desirable element, but the water needs to be clean and flowing to have a positive effect. Stagnant and dirty water creates more problems than it solves. Whatever water remedy you choose to use, it must be kept clean on a regular basis. A simple aquarium or a small water feature can be used for most remedies. If an aquarium is used, fish are not necessary, and are optional. It is most important that the water be clean, circulating (I use an air stone) and open to the air. If you use earthen or ceramic fountains they also need to contain a large amount of water because the earth element blocks and reduces the water effect. If you do purchase a ceramic or stone fountain, make sure you also place metal somewhere close by -- to reduce earth and strengthen the water.

For the outside yard, a metal trough, fountain, pool or even fishpond can act as an environmental solution, but ideally nothing is covering the top of the water feature. A roof or large tree can block its effectiveness. Plants and absorbent materials reduce the humidity in the air. Indoors the amount of water used can vary a lot depending on what is meant to be accomplished. A small fountain holding up to a quart of water is effective for peach blossom luck (romance and creativity) or stimulating your Lu cun (money direction). “Energy locks” are commonly released with water remedies, but require a greater volume of water in proportion to the house to be effective. A higher humidity level in a home that has a lock is important to help release the lock. A pool or pond is good, or indoor aquariums of 25-30 gallons are often needed. Sometimes a good cool mist humidifier can also work well if located in a good spot. Purchase a cool mist humidifier that has a large tank so you are not forever changing it out.

In Feng Shui, water has always been synonymous with power. Emperors placed their palaces near bodies of water or used moats. If you look at most capital cities today, they are either near a waterway, ocean port or have large lakes or rivers nearby. Most ocean-side and lakeside homes are sought after and are usually more expensive. Busy modern highways and roads can replace some of water’s traditional energy, but still don’t work as well as the real thing.

(See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) 5-Element Samples: https://www.pinterest.com/lynabdo/5-elements/

* Note: In BaZi, the water element can help personal chi through certain shapes and activities that incorporate the water type energy. These include curvy and irregular forms, winter and cooler months, a walk in the rain, swimming, sailing or a visit to your local pub for example.

*Note: Remove earth and minimize wood elements & colors when placing a water remedy
Colors on the chart below will vary per computer.


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