The wood element is comprised of mostly healthy live plants. Wood furniture is considered neutral since it does not have the live energy of a plant and does not interact or change the environmental air. Live plants create oxygen, have magnetic fields and often contribute healthful negative ions. Green is the color we use to enhance a wood effect. Any healthy live plant can be used, but if it starts to wither, then it should be replaced with a healthy one. One medium sized plant is enough for a basic wood remedy per room. Lucky bamboo is hardy and tolerant of low light. Dead or dried flowers should not be used in general. Fresh cut flowers have a wonderful energizing chi and can be placed periodically to boost the energy in a home. They are wonderful for a sick friend. Flowers are often used in what we call “peach blossom” remedies to attract romance.

Plants are also valuable in purifying the air and are great filters. Plants are used too to slow down the chi in a home, for example, a staircase that is facing a doorway. Ideally the plant is located between the open door and the staircase landing--and can also be placed at the top landing. Artificial plants will also work, (because they are green) but are not as effective as live ones. Plants with sharp points should be avoided indoors in general as this is considered “sha” or negative chi. Anything pointed in a home can stimulate the brain’s amygdala in a negative way creating body-stress at a subconscious level. Pointed plants like cactus are best placed outdoors, especially in the front yard for protection. Gargoyles, lions or Fu Dogs are also used outdoors for this reason.

There are many shades of green that can be used as an alternative to live plants, though live plants are the preferred remedy. If the green becomes too blue, it will be considered a “water” color, or if it becomes too yellow, it will lose its strength. The more pastel a color goes, the less the influence it will have -- but sometimes a subtle effect is desired. If the hue is very strong sometimes one wall or a feature wall is best advised.

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(See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) 5-Element Samples: https://www.pinterest.com/lynabdo/5-elements/

*Note: In BaZi, the wood element can help personal chi through certain shapes and activities that incorporate wood type energy. These include tall and rectangular forms, spring months, a walk in the early morning, gardening, forestry or carpentry for example.

*Note: Remove any metal and minimize fire elements & colors when placing a wood remedy
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