The fire element represents heat and is the most yang of all the elements. It is a hot summer day, the desert, sunlight, candles or a roaring fire. For remedies, the fire element is comprised mostly of red-colored objects. You can use candles for example, but we stay away from using actual fire because of the fire hazard. Red or “fire colors” are the colors we regularly use to enhance a fire effect, and the red hue alone is strong enough to get a fire effect. Red is the only color that has this strength. Fire colors also include bright oranges, pinks, purples and burgundy. Red is known to elevate the heart rate and blood pressure, and it is the color with the strongest effect on humans, so we can use it just like one of the elements.

Fire creates positive ions in the air and oxidizes oxygen. Likewise when humans see red -- their breathing increases -- also burning up oxygen. Pets do this too and are also considered a fire energy. Too much fire energy is very “yang” creating extra positive ions, activity and/or irritability. Red is often used in a newlywed’s bedroom to excite sexual activity to make a baby, but too much of it can also keep you up at night.

If you combine the color red with a hot element it becomes an even stronger remedy. For example a red lampshade, lantern or red lava-light works well. Any bright shade of red can work as a remedy, but if you don’t use a light, then you will need a color area of at least 24” by 24” to be effective. Fire energy can be used to boost money, especially in the location of the “wang 8,” but check with your Feng Shui consultant. Red can be an especially tricky color because it also boosts negative earth energies of the annual 5 & 2 in this period cycle. These are the most problematic energies (illness and accident prone) dealt with in a home analysis. We especially track the position of the annual 5-yellow each year to make sure we remedy its potential negative effects -- get your updates!

When using red as a décor item we strongly recommend (in traditional schools) to use red as a mobile element like throw rugs, pillows or paintings--something you can move around easily in a difficult year. We advise against painting a whole wall red or having large items like red sofas that cannot be moved or covered easily. There are many shades of red that can be used as a fire remedy. Again, the shade is important because if it is not red enough, the effect will be weakened. The more pastel a color goes, the subtler the effect and sometimes this is desirable.

(See Pinterest page for examples and ideas.) 5-Element Samples:

*Note: In BaZi, the fire element can help personal chi through certain shapes and activities that incorporate fire type energy. These includes triangles, pointed and pyramid shapes, hot summer months, sweating, gym exercise, cooking with fire, sun-bathing or a dry sauna for example.

*Note: Remove water elements and minimize earth elements & colors when placing a fire remedy.
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